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Certificate Types - ROI Consumer Magazines

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The ABC Certificate is published by ABC for a specific period and contains the data and information that is subject to audit.


  1. You must report using a standard Certificate type

  2. You may choose to report using an optional Certificate type




 1. You must report using a standard Certificate type

  1. The key feature of the standard Certificate is that publications must report this as a minimum, presenting set information in a standardised format.

  2. The mandatory Certificate may be either:

    1. A Combined Total Circulation Certificate.

    2. An Annual Certificate that reports the circulation of a publication published annually.

    3. A Certificate for a Series of Publications where:

      1. There is evidence that the publications form part of a series and that they are not ‘one-shots’ which require separate certification.

      2.  Each publication is clearly identified as part of the series by the use of a common series logo or appropriate strapline on the front cover.

 2. You may choose to report using an optional Certificate type  

  1. The key feature of optional Certificates is that they offer the reporting of additional information. They usually incorporate all the information that would be reported on a mandatory Certificate.

  2. The optional Certificate available is:

    1. A Group Certificate that combines the circulations from 2 or more publications’ Certificates providing:

      • Each Certificate relates to the same Reporting Standards

      • Each Certificate is for the same Reporting Period

    1. Note: You may include publications with different publishing frequencies.

    2. ABC will produce Group Certificates from the data submitted for the constituent publications.



No additional guidance.