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Reported Data - ROI Paid Newspapers

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This section sets out other data and information that is reported on the ABC Certificate.


Requirements | Guidance


1. Total Average Circulation

  1. You must report the total Average Circulation per issue.

    1. Copies claimed in the following categories will be included in the total Average Circulation figure:

      • Retail, Single Copy and Single Copy Subscription Sales, including:

        • Retail Sales (Sale or Return)

        • Retail Sales (Limited Sale or Return)

        • Retail Sales (Firm Sale)

        • Single Copy Sales

        • Single Copy Subscription Sales

        • Voucher Subscription Sales

        • Publisher Controlled Direct Delivery

        • Paid Employee Copies

      • Multiple Copy Sales

      • Special Edition Sales

      • Sports Edition Sales

    2. Digital Editions copies are reported separately to the print copies.

    3. The total Average Circulation figure will be broken out into Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and other.

 2. Actively Purchased Circulation

  1. We will report an analysis of the paid print and Digital Edition elements of the total Average Circulation which is defined as Actively Purchased, being the sum of circulation from the following categories:

    1. Print and Digital Edition Retail, Single Copy and Subscription Sales, including:  Retail Sales (Sale or Return), Retail Sales (Limited Sale or Return), Retail Sales (Firm Sale), Single Copy Sales, Single Copy Subscription Sales,      Voucher Subscription Sales, Publisher Controlled Direct Delivery, Paid Employee Copies.

    2. Print Single Copy Sales of Special Editions.

    3. Print Single Copy Sales of Sports Editions.

 3Issue details, circulations 

    1. On all certificates (except single issue) you must report the monthly average circulations, broken out by the following circulation types:

      1. Retail Sales, Single Copy and Subscription Sales

      2. Multiple Copy Sales 

 4. Format of publication

  1. You must report the format of the publication (for daily and weekly publications by day of week). For example tabloid/broadsheet, newspaper/magazine by Monday, Tuesday etc as appropriate. 

 5. Geographical Region(s) Served

  1. You must report a concise description of the geographical region(s) served by the publication during the Reporting Period.



No additional guidance.