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Executive Summaries & Complete Reporting Standards

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After consultation with the industry the new rules have moved to a principle-based approach, allowing for more flexibility to deal with new and changing developments in circulation and verification. We have also harmonised common names and definitions across sectors.

Each rule is outlined by a simple definition first, underpinned by its principles and then followed by more detailed requirements. Separate guidance notes provide common examples and applications of achieving the requirements.

The rule-books are now available in two versions; the full version and an executive summary which highlights the definitions and principles, ideal for those who don't need a detailed understanding of the requirements.

Reporting Standard Full version Executive Summary
ABC Bulk Distribution PDF PDF
Awards PDF  
Business Events PDF PDF
Business Magazines PDF PDF
Consumer Events PDF PDF
Consumer Magazines PDF PDF
Digital Publications PDF  
National Newspapers PDF PDF
Regional Publications PDF PDF
Total Audience Certificate (Business Media) PDF  
Targeted Household Distribution PDF  
All Print Sectors - UK    PDF
Brand Reports PDF PDF
ROI ABC Bulk Distribution PDF PDF
ROI Business Magazines PDF PDF
ROI Consumer Magazines PDF PDF
ROI Free Letterbox Delivery PDF PDF
ROI Paid Newspapers PDF PDF
All Print Sectors - ROI    PDF
Web Traffic PDF  
Email Distribution PDF