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Digital Publications - rule changes

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This section details the changes to the Digital Publications Reporting Standards.

Issued June 2015

  • Provisions: You may make provisions when reporting Publication Active Views or Paid Circulation from the June 2015 reporting period.

Issued July 2014

  • It is clarified that optional breakouts of metrics can be reported.

  • Due to difficulties in reporting breakouts of metrics for editions where advertising has changed this requirement is suspended up until reporting periods ending 30th June 2015. 

  • A new optional metric has been added, Total Edition Active View, which is the simple sum of the Publication Active View figures of different, applicable editions of an issue/day. (Note: This figure is not be de-duplicated by device).

Issued January 2014

  • Treatment of publications that do not have identifiable issues: Publications that are not published on a regular and known frequency (e.g. are updated continuously) can now be reported. 

  • Definition of a publication: The part of the definition that refers to the publication being presented in a ‘metered (i.e. linear)’ format that allows ‘...the user to progress from beginning to end in a linear progression’ has been removed. 

Issued August 2013

  • De-duplicating circulation: Removal of requirement to de-duplicate paid copies 

  • De-duplicating free copies: Removal of the prescription that de-duplication must be by email address alone. The requirement to de-duplicate free and bundled copies remains, however de-duplication may be conducted by any auditable method.

  • Free copy email notification: Removal of prescription that notification must be by email.

  • Editions analysis: If the media owner is required to report the circulation of editions with different advertising but is unable to do so, then some other means must be reported to show proportionality between editions (e.g. PAVs).

  • Mandatory metrics - Circulation for Magazines, Publication Active Views for Newspapers and Others. From the August 2013 Reporting Period a Digital Publication must report either as a Magazine or as Newspaper/Other. The mandatory metric for the reporting of Digital Publications for Magazines is Circulation and for Newspapers/Other is Publication Active Views (PAVs). Any products currently reporting Digital Publications are allowed a period of transition and must comply with this change from the November 2013 Reporting Period.

  • Due to the nature of the above changes, the Digital Publications rulebook has been re-structured and rewritten to ensure these are presented as clearly as possible. Please refer to the new rulebook to see the detail of the above changes.

Issued January 2013

  • Definitions and principles to report Publication Downloads and Publication Active Views added.

  • Digital publications may carry dynamically served advertising. A statement detailing how advertising is served will be reported on the certificate.

  • Digital publications that carry no advertising can be reported. As editions with advertising changes must be broken out on the certificate, a non-advertising edition must therefore be broken out.

Issued November 2012

  • Reporting periods: The option to report on a 3-monthly basis is introduced.