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Email Distribution - rule changes

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This section details the changes to the Email Distribution Reporting Standards.

December 2016

  • Frequency of reporting: Products must be certified at least every 12 months

March 2015

  • ABC has taken on responsibility for defining industry standards for the reporting of census-based measurement for reach and engagement of a brand’s website, app and email platforms. 

The following changes were agreed by JICWEBS before responsibility transferred to ABC:

August 2014 (effective from September 2014 period)

  • JICWEBS has carried out a review and rewrite of the JICWEBS Web and Email Traffic Reporting Standards to make them easier to use. 

  • The revised rules incorporate a principle-based approach, which allows more flexibility to deal with new and changing developments in products and technologies and enables the user to identify what the standard is looking to achieve at a high level, before drilling down to more detailed requirements as necessary.

  • Guidance, which sets out help and examples on how the Standards may be achieved, has been included in its own section, separate from the Standards for greater clarity. This will enable it to be easily updated to reflect new or common scenarios.

  • Please click the link above for a summary of the changes to the Web Traffic Standards.

March 2014

  • The claimed Net Distribution of an email campaign must be de-duplicated by email address. You can also combine two or more email certificates on a Group Email Certificate, with the mandatory combined total being de-duplicated by email address. As an option you can also show a combined non de-duplicated total – this will be referred to as ‘Gross Distribution’ and will replace the previous definition of Gross Distribution. 

May 2011

From 1st June 2011 the requirement to report Gross Distribution and Percentage Bounced has been removed from the Email Traffic certificate. This means the mandatory metric will be net email distribution from that date. Section B3 has been amended.