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Irish (Republic of Ireland) Council

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The Irish (Republic of Ireland) Council has the responsibility for ABC Reporting Standards for Republic of Ireland giving it the authority to develop rule sets directly relating to Irish (ROI) publications.

A publication will report under the ROI Reporting Standards if it publishes the majority of its circulation/distribution in the Republic of Ireland. 

The members of the Council are:  

  • Magazines Ireland, Grace Aungier, Chief Executive

  • Independent News & Media, Enda Daly, Operations / Circulation Analysis

  • Association of Advertisers in Ireland (AAI), Barry Dooley

  • Glanbia Consumer Foods Ireland, Eoin Doyle, Head of Marketing, Food

  • EuroTimes, Colin Kerr, Executive Editor

  • NewsBrands Ireland, Ann Marie Lenihan, Chief Executive Officer

  • Brendan McCabe, Chair

  • PHD, Jason Nebenzahl, Managing Director

  • Local Ireland, Johnny O'Hanlon, Director

  • IAPI, Charley Stoney, CEO

  • The Irish Times, Fran Walsh, Newspaper Sales Development Manager