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Introduction and requirements - Awards

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These rules detail how media owners may report entries/nominations for a specific awards event.

The media owner will collate valid third-party entries, add them to a database, from which the claim will be produced. The database of entries will be verified at audit with reference to third party evidence. 


  1. You must register to report your awards product in advance of the date you begin distributing requests for entries/submissions

    1. This is to ensure that your claim and evidence are suitable for audit. You are strongly advised to contact us in advance of the distribution/publication of entry forms so we can offer guidance in relation to the audit.  

    2. You must agree with us in advance what information is to be certified. 

    3. You must supply or make available to us a copy of the terms or conditions and entry material relating to the conduct or operation of the awards.

    4. To remain registered you must report the awards product on a continuous basis. For example: A yearly awards event must be reported each year or face cancellation

      1. A one-off awards event may remain registered for the current and subsequent ABC subscription year (providing fees are paid).

    5. ABC reserves the right to submit its own anonymised entries for testing purposes. 

  2. You must report the mandatory metric

    1. You must report the total count of individual entries submitted. 

    2. The name used to describe the total entries may be adapted to reflect the particular awards. For example: Number of apps entered.

  3. You may report optional metrics

    1. You can additionally report any subset of the total entries, providing an appropriate name/description is used. For example: Number of company entries.

  4. The certificate will include other information about the awards

    1. You must specify the awards product name you wish to appear on the certificate. This must be sufficient to identify the awards and be unique. For example XYZ App Awards 2014.

    2. You must specify a “Reporting Period” for the awards, which will be the closing date for entries. This may at your option be presented as the month and year. For example: 30/11/2014 or November 2014.

    3. Other information, such as relevant logos, further data analysis or descriptions, may be included on the certificate with our agreement.

    4. We reserve the right to add statements about the nature of, or any restrictions, in the testing conducted. 

  5. You must submit a database containing the data to be certified

    1. You must submit to us a database that contains all of the information relevant to the information to be certified plus other information as appropriate. For example names and contact details of individuals submitting entries, details and descriptions of categories/items being entered/voted on, counts, scores etc.

      1. If the database submitted includes entries that are not included in the claim (for example: incomplete, duplicate or invalid entries) these should be identifiable as such.

  6. You must submit a claim and report of the data to be certified 

    1. The claim will be your statement of the information to be certified.

    2. The report will be the summary of the information contained in the database and will include field names, descriptions and counts as appropriate.

      1. If any grouping or interpretation of data from the database has been used to arrive at the claim, then you must identify these on the database or provide details to enable us to reconcile them. 

    3. You must submit your claim and database to us within 2 months of the closing date for entries/submissions.

  7. The data to be certified must originate from third parties and be verifiable

    1. We must be able to verify the information contained in the database has been provided by a third party for the awards being certified.  

      1. We will review supporting documentary and/or electronic evidence. 

      2. We may also contact the third party direct to verify the data they have supplied. 

  8. Evidence to support the claim must be retained and available for a minimum period

    1. You must retain and be able to provide all records supporting the claim for a period of 6 months from certification.  

  9. Each claim is audited to verify it is in accordance with the Reporting Standards

    1. The audit must be carried out by ABC Staff Auditors in advance of certification. 

    2. Requirements in relation to the auditor and audits will be covered by the ABC Byelaws, ABC Audit Programmes and contractual arrangements. 

    3. If following an audit we identify material problems with the claim then we will propose to revise the claim. The process is as follows:

      1. We will send you a letter detailing the reason/problem giving rise to the amendment.

      2. You will have 10 working days from the receipt of this letter to provide any further information to us, or object to the revision of the claim.

      3. If you wish to object to the revision of the claim you must do this in writing to the Director of Audit who will investigate and provide a decision within 10 working days. If the objection is to a decision by the Director of Audit or the Chief Executive then the first level of appeal will be in accordance with the Review Procedure detailed in the ABC Byelaws.